Future Proof Course 2020

Conquer fear of the unknown and prepare mentally, financially and professionally for the future. Save time by learning from those on a similar journey. Go from stressed, muddled and alone to clarity, community and accountability.


Future Proof Yourself!

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10-Week Training to Future Proofing

The ten weeks training includes weekly video lessons and pdfs, monthly live calls with guest experts, and the opportunity to be part of a trusted community of brilliant minds who will share their own journeys and expertise and support you in yours.

Technology shifts, globalization and the 100-year life are coming together to massively transform the way we chart our career.

The Learn, Earn and Urn model is broken and many feel adrift and fear change. But the opportunity to live a rich, flexible, interesting life is more available than ever for those who plan ahead.

"Diana has created and curated some very powerful resources which, when applied in conjunction with the guidance and advice she offers, deliver actual progress that even the most serious of self-doubters and procrastinators cannot avoid! I now have more clarity around the opportunities in front of me and cohesion between the various projects and areas of interest that I have."

Scott Bunny
Entrepreneur and Board Director

What You Will Learn

  • Zero in on area of focus that you can own beyond your past functional expertise or company
  • Plan your social media presence and plans for building your brand
  • How to develop a strategic network across contacts, social media, conferences and associations
  • Learn how to plan your own professional development to keep ahead of the curve and on top of new trends

This is the right place for you if you...

✓ are a successful corporate executive looking for what’s next outside of industry

✓ are happily employed but always looking to do better,

✓ out of the market and looking to get back in,

✓ considering how to become a thought leader, entrepreneur or portfolio careerist on your own.

"After a fancy diploma title and fifteen years working for distinguished corporates, my heart wanted to move on to a more meaningful mission but I was tight with financial obligations living in an expensive city with a family of two children. After meeting Diana and engaging in her course, I started to smile again. The course taught me the tools to re-organize my life in order to make room for my side project."

Ching-Yng Choi
Financial Professional and Founder, Organic Yoga Girl

How Can You Sign Up?

Many people are scared and uncertain professionally and personally. It feels like it's the right thing to do to start a community where people can start to envision and plan for lives outside of corporate (they may have to), with multiple revenue streams to support themselves and the flexibility to be with people they love when they need to.

Installment Plan


2 Payments of $275




One Time Payment Only



Signing Bonus

A free on boarding worksheet plus (1) one hour coaching call to on-board you to the course.

Special Bonus

Guest interviews with our network of authors, influencers, board directors and portfolio gurus to give you a rich variety of input.

Additional Bonus

Bring your own coffee, tea or wine and meet everyone virtually. 

Your Instructor

Diana Wu David is a strategist, innovator and entrepreneur and the founder of Sarana Capital and Sarana Labs, which transform how executives work and prepare companies for the future of work, invest in edtech and HR technology, and support innovative education initiatives across public and private sectors. A super-connector of people and a sought-after speaker, Diana lives in Hong Kong with her husband and their three children. 

"As a result of engaging in the Future Proof Course, I am now writing a book and will soon be able to add the title ‘Author' to my brand! Through the Future Proof Course, Diana provided dependable leadership and guidance, she was on every call, and promptly answered questions (in writing, by phone, and on video!). Advantageous insight was gained and intuitive learning tools were supplied, this kept me accountable to myself, our professor Diana, and to my fellow Future Proofers. I was motivated to take first steps by pinning down goal dates; then, sharing them."

Karen Mitchell-Sandoval
U.S. Department of Justice (Retired)

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pace yourself and don’t need to finish the course in ten weeks if other things get in the way. In fact, you can pick and choose which elements work best for you and skip the others if that works better. The coursework and videos will be available to you for as long as the course is up.

We have a meetup in Hong Kong at the beginning of the course and we encourage people to reach out to each other via calls or in person, especially if you are travelling to somewhere you know another future proofer lives. 

We usually do 1-2 strategy workshops each year you can also sign up to attend.

You will have lifetime access to our Facebook group to continue the support, feedback and community that many participants find helpful. This also gives you access to the monthly calls and Ask Me Anything calls. You will also get early notice of and discounts to new events, retreats, strategy sessions as a part of the Future Proof Tribe.


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